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Rose Uniacke is known for an approach that is rooted in her ability to create calm, understated, comfortable interiors. Her unique skill is in responding to a room’s original context and sense of space, and allowing these elements to provide the starting point from which the design grows.

By pairing fine antiques with well-chosen contemporary details and allowing rooms to breathe, Rose’s interiors have a sense of ease, restraint and sophistication.

By bringing an instinct and a vision to her work that goes far beyond the tried and tested solutions when choosing the key elements of an interior – furniture, materials, finishes, fabrics and colours – Rose plays with visual expectations, making refined spaces that are of the highest quality, while remaining approachable and welcoming.


Spring is here, summer at the door!

We are all in the mood for white, water, fresh feeling, and holiday.

This is the perfect house in Tunis, built like a “medina”, a labyrinth, where each room converts toward the middle patio.



Your home like a cinema set.

Color, fun excitement: a refine mess!

The walls are green and red, lots of different works of art, imagination and a sense of freedom.

This apartment reminds me of the color of India mixed with the structure and sensibility of an Italian soul.

There is something childish and light, nothing is perfect but it all flows very well.



Super talented journalist and writer Melissa Penfold great article about the latest arrival at Cavit&Co has been a great success.

The lounge chair its really a unique piece and so different from anything else!




Bill Sofield has designed stores for Gucci, Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and Harry Winston as well as hotels such as Soho Grand in New York.


His seriously good new furniture collection for big-boy US furniture brand McGuire, used in the best New York, Washington and Hamptons interiors, arrives in town this week.


They are timeless staples using quality materials such as woven Danish cord, solid timber and blackened steel to create chairs, tables, desks, cabinets and beds that feel as good as they look. Pieces that hug the body, promote a sense of comfort, and up your style credentials, too.


He is master of the remix: contrasting old with new. Cool with warm. Smooth with rough. Mixing paper-cord with walnut, metal with timber, rattan with rawhide.


Take a look at the Mustique Sedan chair: a huge cocoon of a seat handwoven in thick Danish paper cord over wire (like you see in modernist Danish furniture) with solid walnut legs and super-soft textured linen or velvet cushions where the softly rounded contours feel as appealing as they look.


“If you’re like most of us you will spend more time in this chair than you will in your car,” explains Sofield, “so you should demand the same clean lines, comfort, strength and detailing”.


This stuff is glamorous, modern and understated, and we love it.


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This is a beautiful London Townhouse in the heart of Kensington. It is has the structure of a traditional English house but the interior is infused with the natural style of it's Italian owners. I have always admired the Italian's ability to mix the old and new to create a relaxed, though elegant setting. 



In this very much cold and grey winter colors are uplifting.

Maybe it’s a hope for better weather or a desire for spring, but everywhere I look in New York city I see colors!

In the windows of stores everywhere there are many shades of yellow, orange, red.

Look at these beautiful interiors where the dominant color became a backdrop for your interiors.

In any room a bit of color will always bring style and sophistication!


The brief was to create a classic, contemporary home, but it also had to focus on the family. It had to be quite serious and impressive, yet everything had to be serviceable,' says Alex. Adds the owner, 'With seven sets of little hands, I wanted something I did not need to stress about.'

Further to the needs of the family, the renovation of the house opens up a dramatic panoramic view and provides a backdrop for the owner's impressive art collection.

'Opening it up to the view gives the home that wow factor', says Alex. 'You really get a sense of arrival. We wanted the view framed, with an impression of symmetry in the vestibule.' And the art is always shown to its best . . . 'You see reflections of the view in the artworks throughout the house,' says Alex. 

The owners sold all of their furnishings with the previous house, giving Alex a blank canvas. With the soft furnishings, Alex wanted 'to add luxury and layers of texture. The former house was cold, hard and voluminous.' So she used natural fibres - silks, linens, cottons and wools, [and] . . . uber-plush carpets lend luxe and toe-teasing texture'.


Spanish Designer Luis Bustamante has created a perfect all white interiors in his flat in a Belle Epoque building in Madrid.

The designer, who was trained as an artist and sculptor, says there is so much of his soul in this apartment, which was like a white canvas to start with.

There is everywhere an abundance of white on the walls, moldings, furniture, carpets, artwork and all the objects: a great mix of classical and modern.


Laura Kirar is the founder and creative director of Laura Kirar Design. Internationally renowned interior and product designer living in New York and Mexico, Laura Kirar believes in the integrity of the artist. Her mission is to foster artistic exploration in all of her endeavors and she seeks to inspire others with art and design from around the globe. Laura has shaped the design of an array of interesting projects - from high-end residences to award-winning commercial interiors of restaurants, showrooms and hotels. Creator, patron, collector, and connector, Laura Kirar is truly the designer with a soul of an artist.

A testament to Laura's unique design voice, she holds concurrent product licenses with four of the Kohler Interiors Group companies: ANN SACKS®, Baker® furniture, Kallista and McGuire Furniture Company®. 

Over the last decade, Laura Kirar's designs have been profiled in many top publications including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Interior Design, Metropolitan Home, Space, Self, Vogue Living, Women's Wear Daily, W, Wallpaper, The New York Times and Time.

 Kirar’s latest pieces are functional works of art with strong geometry and pleasing forms evoking the simple pleasures that define casual luxury. “The first collection was much more formal and steeped in a period of time and history with clear cultural and historic influences,” say Kirar. “With the second series of designs for the collection, I began this departure from formality, a more contemporary palette, with a playful use of color and abstract expressionism art being the backdrop was important to me at the time. This chapter is much quieter that what came before, and more sophisticated. I love the lines of the upholstery, the combination of the materials, the proportions, and the references to my travel, which gives it variation, diversity, and rich seasoning of multiple influences.”

Nature’s organic, irregular beauty, subtle hues with vibrant color, simple, yet complex form, textural nuance, multi-dimensional finishes and decorative applications all come together in a feast for the senses.


Vintage design and elliptical seems to be for sure the flavor of the past year and the one to come!

At least here in New York City.

Everywhere I look, magazine, books, ads, windows shopping, jeweler and design objects the most common shape seems to be elliptical.

And the style is retro retro retro!

Have a look at this stunning New York pads:  from the sofa, to the outdoor, lighting, chairs, side tables and coffee tables the shape is always  “ calling “ to half moon and of course the good old 80”!