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If they’re good enough for Calvin Klein’s own digs, they’re good enough for us.


The US sofa maker inspired a generation to splash out on big-boy American sofas in beautiful Belgian shapes and linens that strike the right note for casual laid-back living.


Loved by every style guru in the world, they are the kind of timeless staples with good bones, that will make you and your interior feel young and vibrant, and come in colours that will outlast fashion, (grey to gunmetal to ecru), that you can take through life.  


You won’t go wrong with Camille, Duke or Logan and for dining chairs, opt for Isabella which graces some of the best interiors from New York to London. New to the range are Kate, Hannah, Klara and Gus who join around 100 designs. 


There are generous American styles with linen slipcovers, vintage looks with a 1950s vibe, formal upright affairs with curved arms and super-mod padded cocoons.  


Plus wingbacks, occasional chairs, and ottomans, all with incredible attention to detail. Think thick cushioning, double stitching and fabrics unlike anything you’ve seen before. 


Like all classics, Verellen looks fab in pretty much anything, and anywhere. 


You’ll want the whole range. 

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More than a firm dwelling into the world, more than a way to understand lifestyle, more than a feeling.

Meridiani is about a world of sober luxury, timeless and without frills.

A world where style is free and unbounded.

Made in Italy: to be Italians, to be artisans.

Meridiani is the art of craft that brings contemporary flair to classic pieces.

Made in Italy is not just about where and how you make it, but how you think it.

In Meridiani the touch of the master artisan makes a very special production possible. 


In his new collection, Garcia takes your breath away once again with his larger than life spirit and sense of soul. 

He is expressive and energetic. He is optimistic and inspired. And its that enthusiasm that makes this collection so alive and so full of desire.

Jacques Garcia explores the unknown, embracing simplicity in shape and color, and challenging it with sensuality and an element of surprise.

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Estée Lauder was among the first beauty-industry leaders to recognize the power of linking a respected brand with an alluring lifestyle. Her company’s product line may have been all about creams, cosmetics, and fragrances, but its advertising campaigns told a story that touched on everything from fashion to decoration—one that consumers inevitably conflated with Lauder’s own private world. So it stands to reason that when the late businesswoman’s granddaughter Aerin Lauder decided to create her own eponymous firm, called simply Aerin, stylish living would be at its heart.


A beautiful lamp can extend the style of a room or it can add a design accent.

It can be an architectural statement or a freestanding still life.

Lights are the most special and attractive hardware in a room.

Visual Comfort combine design, sculptures, touch and sight to create a lighting product that is both inspired and useful.  

The Visual Comfort collection spans from traditional to contemporary works and is home to a select and growing group of designer labels featuring some of the most influential names in style.


HOME & OPEN AIR: timeless collections, elegant and without frills, essential but still vivacious, modern but with no compromises with temporary trends. A distinguished style, an inspiring new classic that leaves space for personal interpretation. 

Furnishings for the living room, the bedroom, the dining area, the library and the outdoor: meticulous signs, precise proportions, essential volumes. Indoor and outdoor collections recall each other also in the details, the precious materials and in the crafts. It’s about the need to feel that the indoor space becomes one with the outdoor one and that elegance, continuity and a thread bind them forever in time. Precious textiles, textures stolen from the richest wardrobe: natural fibers such as linen, cotton, velvet and chenille, elegant threads transformed in couches, beds armchairs and chaise longues. The softness of full grain leather and the strength of hide are emphasized by seams inspired by the art of saddlery.

Meridiani collections are 100% Made in Italy



This Christmas Season is inspired by beautiful classical floral inspirations.

Tabletop bouquets, still life as center piece, carnation in rich shades, pine tree branches arranged in a crown : old-world inspiration.


Nancy Braithwaite started her interior design firm in 1969 in Atlanta. Over her forty-year career, her work has graced the pages of many magazines. 

In the world of interior design, Nancy Braithwaite is known for her devotion to the principle that has always guided her work: simplicity. 

While her work varies from art deco to country, the underlying rules remain the same: luxuriously minimalist.

In her work every element should strive to be simple and powerful without compromise, and every room must have a level of power that comes from proportion, repetition of elements and subtleties of color.

In Braithwaite’s world, excess is not opulent. Simplicity is opulent. 

In her long awaited first book, Braithwaite takes the reader deep into her philosophy of living.

Divided into five sections, the book begins with her manifesto on simplicity and the aspects of design used to achieve it, including architecture, scale, color, texture, pattern, and composition. She then presents three categories of style—country, classic, and contemporary—and explains and illustrates each with iconic rooms from her portfolio. Finally, she presents several houses as case studies, displaying the power of these principles in action and emphasizing the importance of craftsmanship in design. 


Design legend Steven Volpe has joined forces with McGuire to debut a collection of sophisticated and retro pieces, which reflects his background in fashion and his passion for art and architecture.


In the collection Volpe mix natural materials and texture with technical innovation and classic design.

The result is a young and innovative range of new pieces.


When you buy a sofa you look for design, shape, style and of course comfort.

I thought would be interesting to about (as an Italian) what I think are the best ever sofa and what has been the best seller at Cavit&Co.

Italian contemporary sofa like B&B, Cassina and Molteni look amazing but I have to say the first time I sat on an American sofa I felt I could sleep there.

It might be the larger proportion or the very high-level comfort but USA makes for me the best sofa ever.

Here is my top ten!